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Registration form

Registration form

In order to be a member at Morado you need to be in the possesion of a sports membership at the RSC. This is due to the fact that we rent our facilities at the RSC. You can easily apply for this membership at the  website of RSC. It does not matter whether you study at the Radboud or at the HAN

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The total membership costs of €150 will be subtracted from your bankaccount in 2 parts of €75 at around the 1th of September and 1th of January. €62,50 can be earned back during special joboffers from University,  (max. 4x €12,50 per hour) A deposit of €12,50 is included within the total for the use of clothing and will be send back in case the usage did not lead to damage or loss. Trainingsmembers pay a total of €50, this will be subtracted in 2 equal parts at the mentioned dates.

Cancelling membership.
A request to cancel a membership needs to be done on paper before the first of June. Otherwise the full membership costs need to be payed.

On order to arranges activities and keep day to day processes running Morado has several committees who help out in many ways. Joining a committee is very helpful, lots of fun and helps you create the best memories at our club! To check out more information about these press here.


To keep the membership costs low Morado helps out with tasks at university like arranging tables at big exams. If you want to earn back some of your membership costs, this is the perfect way to do it! The full salary will be send to your bankaccount at the end of the season.


By signing this form I authorize Morado to subtract the membership costs of 150 euros from my bank account (incl 12,50 deposit and 4 times work-tasks). I also authorize continous collection from my bank account according to the stated terms. 

The deposit and money earned from performing tasks will be refunded at the end of the season.

Incassant ID: NL13INGB0004332582
Description authorization: moradocf
Reason payment: "contributie"

By signing you agree on the privacydeclaration and  terms and conditions of NSFV Morado CF.

* = verplicht

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